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Our Story

I am Jessica Estes. I started Lifters Loot because like you, I was sick of having my pantry full of random supplements that I didn’t like. I wished there was a way to try them before we bought them. Enter Lifters Loot, the supplement subscription box that saves you money and room in your pantry.

Along with samples, we provide healthy protein snacks, supplement facts, and a healthy recipe to make at home!

Jessica is retired Air Force, and now is an Idaho Realtor and NAMS certified nutrition consultant. She has struggled to know what supplements to take and when to take them and is passionate about giving the knowledge she has learned to you! There are a lot of misconceptions around women using “supplements.” Most women don’t get enough protein and supplementing with a good quality whey or ISO protein is such an easy way to get ones protein in.

Some of the Brands we Offer

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